Aster and Aster Global adopted the protection of information assets that they have owned, the management of these assets so as to serve for corporate mission, vision and strategies, the effective management and continuous improvement of a reliable and transparent Information Security Management System that will ensure internal and external customer satisfaction, as Information Security Management System Policy.

The ISMS objectives are specified in the ISMS scope and limits procedure.

Accordingly, the principles of our policy are as follows:

  • To be aware of information assets, to analyze and to identify their risks, and to take appropriate measures,
  • To protect the information assets of Aster and Aster Global against any and all threats that may arise either internally or externally, intentionally or unintentionally, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information as required,
  • To comply with all laws, legislation, directives and procedures for which we are responsible,
  • To follow the technological innovations and developments in the field of Information Security Management System, to ensure continuous improvement of the system, and to review it at regular intervals,
  • To have the competence for rapid intervention to any information security events that may occur and minimization of the impact of the event.